Tuesday, 24 June 2014


So we’ve all been there, us beauty junkies, reading our favourite beauty blogs trying to get our makeup fix, when it dawns on us... why don’t we have our own blog? We might sit for a while wondering what exactly would we blog about, start reeling our top five foundations, mascaras and lippies, and most importantly of all what would we name it?

Well I’m afraid I wasn’t able to come up with a title too original or full of brilliance but I’ve decided I have thought about this far too much and today I am taking the step from a procrastinating dreamer to dare I say it a fledgling blogger.

Expect reviews, FOTD’s and a general excuse for my obsessive purchasing of make ups and all beauty pretties.

I am currently planning to post every Thursday, so pop back then to swoon (laugh at?!) my attempts...